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When it is hot and humid (and boy is it hot and humid) bees have to find a way to cool down.  They do this little thing called “bearding.”  If the heat is too high inside many of the bees will work their way to the outside of the hive.  Sort of like sitting on the front porch in the evening.


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It was already hot this morning at 7:30am.  There is a thick haze over the mountains; you can barely see them in the pictures.  Quiet though, just the faint “crunching” sound of the cattle grazing and the occasional buzzing of a bee.

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While taking the girls (goats) for a walk one day, I noticed the oddest little mushrooms growing in the side of a tree.  I took the picture below and then just a few days later, look what happened!

The girls love to go on walks.  There are so many wonderful things to eat.  How about a Japanese Maple?

Sage loves to herd the girls.  We keep a close eye on her to ensure that she doesn’t become overly aggressive.

Hydrangea, simply beautiful.

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