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Honey Time!

Well it’s finally here. We pulled a little honey off my original hive. I thought they had two supers completely capped but only took off 8 medium frames. The other we will leave for a couple of weeks. I used a fume board to make the bees leave the super. It did not work quite as well as everyone said it would. I ended up giving my smoker a squirt of the Bee Dun. When the residual bees got a puff of that almond flavored smoke, they decided to give up ownership of the frames. We had plans to use a hand crank extractor (borrowed from our local beekeepers association) but did not want to dirty it up for just a few frames. We lucked up on a “like new” double bucket system which has a fine mesh bag in the top followed by a metal sieve then a micro-sieve. The honey finally ends up in the bottom bucket which has a “gate” installed in the bottom for bottling. With some help from our daughter, we thoroughly crushed the wax with honey and placed it in the top bucket. Gravity and a little time works wonders.


Got into a couple of frames that had plastic foundation (which I do not like) so I had to scrape the honey/wax and then let the frames drain for a few minutes.  I then scraped that honey into the top bucket for straining.



Here is the hive we robbed.  I used a cardboard fume board saturated with Bee Dun.  It is a natural oil mixture that smells like almonds.  The bees hate it but it won’t hurt them or the honey.

Here is the final product! 


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